Serendipity Barefoot School of Craft: Made in Goa

The Barefoot School of Craft is a unique architectural project that was initiated in the previous edition of the festival. The first stage was accomplished by creating a vision, through the selection of fifteen models in an architectural competition, which were displayed at Serendipity Arts Festival, 2017. This year, a residency in Goa with the architects from the 9th to 21st May 2018 allowed us to turn the vision into a design for a pavilion that will function as a talking, working, and collaborative space, bringing together architects, craftspeople, the curator, students of the BSC and visitors. We seek to inaugurate the pavilion prior to the festival as a space for the local community to make and buy products historic and new Goa crafts. The programme will start from 6 December 2018 and end on 10 February 2019, with workshops, pedagogical talks, and discussions taking place every week.

Raku Pottery | Thomas Louis | 6 December – 11 December
Fee- Rs. 12,000 per person (all inc.)

Bamboo Craft| Shalini Gaude | 6 December – 11 December
Fee- Rs 300 per person per day

Macrame | Pratibha Palini | 6 December – 10 February
Free Workshop

Godadi (Quilt) Making | Ms. Leena Katkar | 6 December – 10 February
Free Workshop

Plastic Upcycling and Weaving Workshop | Khamir (Rajibai and Laxmibhaien) | 15 December- 19 December
Free | *People to bring their own plastic bags

Crafting Percussion Instrument | Thomas Louis 15 December – 22 December
Fee- Rs 15000 (all inc.)

White Clay Pottery | Khamir (Ramju Ali Bhai) | 15 December – 19 December

Tile Painting | Khamir (Jenabai Jakab) |15 December – 19 December

Rug Weaving | Jaipur Rugs | 15 December – 22 December | Free

Bamboo Craft| Shalini Gaude | 18 December – 22 December
Fee- Rs 300 per person per day