Tityache Khabbari (Marketplace News)

In every Goan village, the marketplace was the vibrant, colourful focus of every local’s daily life. Originally part of the ancient gaunkari system, it evolved into the Titya (Tinto) meaning a “market at three roads.” It was at this venue that locals would meet every morning to buy daily, essential items as well as catch on the local news, have discussions on serious issues or just gozzale (gossip). The local vendors take pride in their place at the market and position themselves in the most aesthetic way possible to give maximum importance to their wares. In remote villages, the Tinto is still an important gathering place, but in the rest of Goa, with malls and supermarkets coming into prominence, this marketplace is slowly disappearing.

Enjoy the Tinto experience at the Children’s (Art) Park, with stalls serving organic and Saraswat thalis, freshly-made fish dishes, pickles, meat dishes and desserts through an artistic representation of color, vibrancy and flavours communicating a tableau of a true Goan story, recreated by Nature’s Inn.